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Remote Assistance: A majority of software, virus and malware related problems can be solved online. The process is secure and my personal references are available on request.


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About Remote Assistance
Service Rates

Contact us about your problem and we will assess if we can help you through
Remote Assistance
We can come to you over the internet to to provide a wide range of services
System Analysis,
Error Checking,
Problem Solving,
Virus Removal
Spyware Removal,
Email Configuration and many other areas of assistance.

Call us for more information and rates or
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Computer Repair, Services and Support at our shop  or your home or business.
Pick up and/or delivery available.

We make home and business Computer Repair and Computer Service calls.Basic Mobile Computer Service call
Diagnostic, Repair, Setup & Basic Services
- $59.00 (or less depending on location)
Need help setting up a system?  Have a problem and don't know what the cause or solution is?  Need an estimate on  cost?  We will come to you to evaluate your system with a comprehensive set of tools and technical expertise.  The $45.00 to $59.00 cost can be applied toward any of our Service Packages or toward / as the first hour of your computer system repair if additional time is necessary.                

We make home and business Computer Repair and Computer Service calls.Computer Hardware/Software Repairs 
that exceed the first hour are billed at $45.00 each additional hour.  Most hardware repairs can be completed within the first hour.  Hardware repairs coupled with software reconfigurations rarely exceed two hours.
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We make home and business Computer Repair and Computer Service Calls.  Speed up your slow Computer.Computer Optimization  $89.00 or less *

We Optimize your computers performance by checking the hard drives integrity and configuration for optimal performance and operation.  We then remove unnecessary software and start-up items that slow down your PC. Scan your computer systems registry and remove or edit items that impair and unnecessarily slow down your computer.  We check the status of operating system updates, service packs and critical updates and install if necessary. Review your anti-virus and anti-spyware software adequacy, firewall settings and other security settings and make recommendations or changes.
If issues are found during the optimization that warrant unusual and time consuming corrective action, we will give you a set fee for services we recommend be performed at our place of business.  This is sometimes the best approach, since we often have to utilize several diagnostic and repair programs that basically run unattended for a lengthy time period but with a minimal interval of actual time for our services that we do charge for.
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Configure and connect your computer to the internet.  Call Harvest Valley Computer. Internet Setup: Our basic rates apply
Need help having DSL, FIOS, Cable, or Satellite Internet Connection setup?  We will make sure everything is setup, configured properly and working correctly. This package covers setup and configuration of two PC's with wired or wireless router connections.  Configuration of your Email Client and Web based software is included.  We will do our best to keep all your wires untangled and out of sight. For problems with existing systems, our Basic Service Call rate will apply.      back to top

Fix your email with a home and business Computer service call or through Remote Assistance.Email Problems  $29.00 to
or less
Having problems connecting to your email server? Getting send and/or receive errors through Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail or other email programs? We will configure your email programs for POP3, IMAP, SMTP, NNTP server configurations and help you with your web based email.     back to top

We prevent and repair Virus Problems, Sypware Problems and Mal-Ware issue.Virus, Spyware, Malware Protection

Anti-Virus, Anti-Spy and Anti-Malware Software, if installed and configured correctly should keep your computer free from infection. However, once your computer has been infected with a virus, the corrective actions vary considerably. They can range from simple file removals, registry editing, software scanning and automatic "healing", to a complete "System Recovery" where your PC is restored to its original factory condition and configurations.  The hard drive is wiped clean and the original files and programs restored to the original condition as your computer was when new. Then any updates, service packs, and other programs need to be installed.  Most of the time, your photographs, images, documents, favorites etc., can be saved and restored, but not always.  Depending upon your needs and the severity of the problem, in most cases, costs can range from a Basic Home or Business service call to several hours for a complete back/up, operating system reinstall, data recovery, etc. 

Usual Cost: $49.00 to $99.00

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We make home and business Computer Tutoring and Computer Training  service calls. Tutoring and Computer Basic Training
If you need some simple to understand basic training, you found the right source, Harvest Valley Computer. Our rate is based upon your location and probable hours you will require. In other words our rate is negotiable forregular scheduled hours.  Call for details. Lower rates are also available for desktop remote support service.

Telephone Support is available to all of our existing customers. Service call "after care" follow-up calls are always free.  Plans are available for other needs. Please call for details.     back to top

Remote Assistance (computer to computer)

Remote Desktop Support
Contact us about your problem and we will assess if we can help you through Remote Assistance. We can come to you over the internet to to provide a wide range of services including system analysis & optimization, error checking & problem solving, email configuration and many other areas of assistance.
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Service Area:  We are based in Homeland, CA. We make home and business Computer service calls to theWe make home and business Computer service calls. communities of Homeland, Hemet, San Jacinto, Romoland, Winchester, Nuevo, Menifee, Sun City, Quail Valley, Perris and Canyon Lake.  For service calls and computer repairs in surrounding areas there is a mileage and time surcharge we will discuss with you when scheduled.

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We make home and business Computer service calls. Pick-Up and Delivery:

Pick-Up and Delivery of your computer and/or related  peripheral equipment is available if services are to be performed at our place of business. Please call for more information.

or less *  Pertains to services provided by remote assistance and support.  Please see above


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